Simple way to send money to your loved ones

Sending money with IRFX is very simple. Just create your account, key in the details of the recipient, enter the amount to send, confirm that you have keyed in the right details, and send the money, which will instantly be credited to the recipient's bank account. No hassles with IRFX.

Safe & Secure

We always put the security of our customers first. Our bank level encryption keep the data of our customers safe from hackers. Our identity verification tools always require a secure password. Users are also automatically logged out after a given amount of time.


We are the most affordable money transfer service for Iranian, UAE and Albania markets.

Bank Deposit

Money is deposited to the bank account of the recipients instantly. Depending on amount we use card number or Sheba number.

Real Time Tracking

Our users are always given unique tracking IDs, which they can use to easily track their transfers until the cash is deposited to the bank account of the recipients. They are able to find the status of their transactions by just entering the reference number in real-time, 24X7.

3 Simple Steps

Transfer Money Fast & Easily

1. Enter Amount

After setting up your account, key in the amount that you want to send.

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2. Select Receiver

Key in the bank account details of the recipient in our simple and easy to use forms.

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3. Confirm & Pay

Confirm that the details that you have entered are correct, and press send. The money will instantly be credited to the bank account of the recipient.

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